My name is Dominik Zwerger, and I am a passionate Videographer and Photographer with an underlying mission to deliver compelling content that showcases just how exquisite the world truly is. As the Founder of Peakmedia Studios with the company Peakmedia in Ebbs/Tyrol, I enjoy every moment of capturing engaging perspectives with high-end video/photography that surfaces wow-factor reactions and business growth for my clients along the way.

A little bit about myself, I was born and raised in Kufstein / Tyrol and have loved the art of photography ever since I can remember. The powerful concept of being able to freeze moments in time down to the hundredth of a second and creating invested attraction through the lens was something that I deeply admired from a young age. This ardency inevitably transformed as I grew older, going from being a hobby as a kid to becoming a full-blown career. In fact, what catapulted that shift was after attending the two-year Werbedesign Akademie in Innsbruck after training as a media design and a pre-press technician. Since then, I went from working as a one-many company for three years to now operating Peakmedia Studios since 2021, and have already supported several regional startup businesses and large companies on reaching new levels of visual success.

In the end, nothing makes me happier than being able to utilize my diverse skills to leave lasting impressions. To me, photography is much more than a job or a career I am pursuing; it has been my passion since day one and is deeply rooted in who I am as a person. With this as my core foundation, along with my history of successes to date, you can solidify your confidence that your visual goals are in the best possible hands no matter what style you are shooting for. No pun intended.


PS: I love what I do and am always advancing myself to give my clients the best experiences/results they deserve. However, when I am not working, you can often find me seeking out new adventures, learning something new, and volunteering as a paramedic with the Red Cross in Kufstein.